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Camp Snowball
July 21-25, 2011

Camp Snowball 2011 held on July 21-25, 2011 in Tucson, Arizona, USA. Michael Fullan, Professor Emeritus of the University of Toronto, and an international author and recognized expert on whole system change in education, and Dr. Peter Senge of the Society for Organizational Learning facilitated the event. The nine delegates from the Philippines were ELIAS Fellows Gody Eala , Marisol Lopez and Bel Villavicencio, Jenny Banal of Domuschola Int’l. School,  ,  Gino Villavicencio- OCCI FLEX Teens Grad and son of Bel Villavicencio,  Eugene Marie Florendo –Kindergarten Teacher in Lexington MA USA,  Ernie Abella of Southpoint Davao,  Apple  De Luna of SAIDI School of OD and Marc Lopez of Lamblight Catholic School, Bacolod.

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